On Sharing A Life: Years in Review 2020-2022

Without a door to lock, I had no choice now but to be this me always.

Exterior of old flats, night. Most units unoccupied. 3 have lights on. One of them, ours, is full of plants and fairy lights.
Negotiating haunted energy with fairy lights and vibes, 2020-2022

Hello friend,

Did the full moon give you big dreams too? I'm still paying attention to the moon like I was in 2019, when I last wrote to you this way from a Thai jungle about how 2019 was a year of endings, heartbreak, and rest. At the time I was "trying to figure out what to keep and let go, how to build something for what I think should stay so I can find them again." Writing to you now in 2023, I think I'm getting there. I'll show you at the end of this. But first, let me make up for the lack of yearly reviews real quick.