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Read on for house rules and what is important to me right now.

Here to be the queer Muslim ancestor of my dreams.

An AuDHD Southeast Asian knowledge worker shares their lifelong learning from the imperial periphery.

  • Why am I here? Personally, to be the nonbinary Muslim ancestor of my dreams. My pocket of the internet is a digital garden I cultivate in my free time for playful thinking, discovery, and building our attention spans for acceptance and change.
  • Where was I in 2020? Before the global pandemic began, I co-organised community spaces for queer feminists around the world to befriend the Quran together.
  • What about now? See my Now page for brief updates about my present and 5 year-old zettelkasten notes system. I curate collections Here, where you can find lists of essays, tools, videos I saved for others. I write slowly; everything I share here I try to keep as evergreen as possible. Transmissions are my love language, and every thoughtful reader is an honour.

"Across the ages, humans have left evidence in the form of relics about orienting themselves towards something Sacred, Ultimate, or Holy Other." - amina wadud
I seek refuge in the Beloved from arrogance, supremacy, and oppression.


Garden house rules

I choose what I write about on my page and who I write for 🪴 This is no space to defend theologies and ideologies of rejection 🪴 You are a guest in my garden of free time 🪴

  1. What I write about on my page is my choice. I do not write for everyone. 🪴 I am not here to 'produce content' for popularity or profit. I do not value either. I maintain my digital gardens here at my own expense as an act of care in between other obligations. I believe it is inevitable that all Empires of the imperial core will fall and through many diverse forms of resistance. Every year, power structures fail to care for more and more of us, and all of us want to live. This place is one way I practice service towards that liberation.
  2. This is not the space to defend theologies and ideologies of rejection. 🪴 I do not write to uphold narratives of rejection that bully and isolate, so do not expect me to. I do not write for people who distract themselves with reactionary panic by obsessively defending politically convenient simplistic narratives: about God, Muslims, autism, ableism, economy, women, gender diversity, borders, or racial supremacy. I receive enough of these expiring narratives already, so do not send me more of them.
  3. You are a guest in my garden of free time. 🪴 No one is expecting you to stay and listen to me. Do not demand of me or queer/rejected Muslims to respond to your extremely specific and personal problems, arguments, conflicts, issues, or questions. Simply exit and seek the many widely-available spiritual and religious influencers and material you find appealing and accessible. Embrace your responses with grace for your wellbeing, and align yourself to the collective work against systems of oppression.
As ever, the Beloved knows best.

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Spirit Garden

At this point, God is mine: Notes where I practice being the Muslim ancestor of my dreams.

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Notes Garden

Sharing reflections from what I read and watch, and notes from thinking in my zettelkasten.

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Future Garden

Essays practicing for later, formed from the alchemy of different reading notes.

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Imaginary Garden

Short stories, flash fiction, role play, possible and impossible timelines.

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Poem Garden

There's never a wrong time for a poem. Some I made and some I share with you from others.

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Tea In The Garden

Personal transmissions and creative nonfiction.

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Liy is a Southeast Asian Muslim knowledge worker and poet sharing their lifelong learning from the imperial periphery. If you're new here (hello!) or need a refresher, start here for house rules. Here I maintain curated lists as a love language for others. Now is my present-day context including from my 5-year old note system. Consider subscribing for free to login and leave comments— I write slowly and send out emails rarely. If you valued what I made, tell me over DM (if we know each other) or tip me with a message— that sends a clear signal of appreciation ✨

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